Post Carry meets Dave Bikes

Post Carry meets Dave Bikes

Post Carry was one of the brands that we were excited to bring to the Philippines. The innovative design, simplicity of functionality, and superb quality drew us to this brand. They created the famous Transfer Case, endorsed by Russ of Pathless Pedaled, and the mini bar bag with a 180-degree opening. In the bikes we build, we prioritize functionality but never sacrifice style, which aligns with Post Carry's design concept from our perspective.

I reached out to the brand last December 2022 via email and was glad to receive a warm reply from the founder himself, Marc Mendoza. To my surprise, he is of Filipino descent and an Industrial Designer who grew up in the Bay Area. We exchanged emails for the initial purchase order and agreed to meet up when he visits Manila.

Fast forward to April 2023, and here he is, the mastermind himself, at the clubhouse! We had Spanish bread with coffee mirienda at We Ride Coffee Bar while sharing stories about the background of our businesses and families. He shared a very interesting fact that he came from a family of furniture makers and is related to Marcela Agoncillo, the principal seamstress of the first and official Philippine flag. No wonder his creations have superb quality and are made with pride.

During our bike chat, we exchanged information on the biking culture between the Philippines, the US, and Vietnam. He spends more time in the latter and mentioned that cycling clubhouses like ours have high potential in that region. Racing Sux chimed in the chat and shared some Zwift stories, and we found out that Marc is a pretty strong rider himself and definitely also a bike nerd like us. This just shows that he is serious about his product motto, "Designed while Riding"; he has significant time on the saddle to tell which product will work.

Marc is very open to customer feedback and willing to incorporate some into his future designs. He also mentioned that new products and new colorways of existing products are coming soon! So stay tuned to our website and social media pages.

To Marc, thanks for dropping by, and we hope to meet you again soon! Be it here, in HCM, or in the US. We are looking forward to your new creations and to building a stronger partnership. Cheers!


Photo Credit: Marc of Post Carry/ GGG

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