Short, sweet, and it feels just like home

Short, sweet, and it feels just like home

It was a typhoon weekend, Doksuri paid a visit to Manila, where it was locally named Egay. For some cyclists, this weather is a no-go for riding, but for others, they live for this. I can relate to the latter, especially when it comes to mountain biking and more so for a destination such as Timberland at Mt. Maarat. Before gravel and coffee rides, MTB was our life, our identity. We lived for the weekend ride in the mountains, consuming the fresh air amid the trees; it was our escape. Recently, I had a chance to relive those moments.

This weekend at Timberland was a long-planned trip with my family, and I wasn't going to let the typhoon stop us from pushing through. Going to a mountain biking destination with my family was a first for me and I couldn't be more excited. Upon arrival at the resort, we could feel the full strength of Doksuri and my anticipation for the next day’s ride grew as the fog thickened.

Fast forward to the following morning, I peeked out and saw it was gloomy, but there was no rain. I quickly got up and rode out. Upon exiting the resort, I was greeted by a climb called Wall 3 (significantly easier than Wall 1 and Wall 2). I was able to reach the top easily since it’s no different from road climbs to which I've grown more accustomed lately. I stopped for a bit, soaked in the fog and the familiar surroundings before entering the trail. When I reached the trail, the story was true, it’s already a private property, but you can still enter during weekends. The trail was slippery and the mud was soft. Halfway through, I realized that if I went all the way in this condition, I wouldn't be able to head back in time for the family morning affair, which was the whole point of the trip so I decided to head back. This ride was short but sweet and gave me the motivation to return. Next time, I will be more prepared (I replaced my poor-quality brake pads afterward) and make sure to bring some of my old and new riding buddies along. Here are some snaps of the ride, the trail, and the weather!


Rig: Surly Karate Monkey 29er 

Accessories: Post Carry Mini Bar Bag

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