Rodeo Labs Flaanimal5

Serene Beauty

Hello eh! 🍁2022 proved to be a monumental year for Dave Bikes. Our company not only established its physical store in Quezon City, Philippines but also witnessed one of our co-founders embark on a life-changing journey to Victoria, British Columbia. Victoria is located on Vancouver Island and boasts one of the world's most underrated cycling networks, featuring bike lanes and incredible trails.

Our co-founder's new Rodeo Labs Flaanimal 5 proved to be the perfect companion for exploring this picturesque location. This gravel bike is a true gem, designed with an aesthetically pleasing and durable build. The Flaanimal 5 is equipped with impressive features such as a tire clearance of up to 700 x 50mm or 650b x 2.4", and a unique proprietary carbon seat tube. If you're interested in the full technical specifications, head over to and treat yourself to a detailed description.

This post serves as the beginning of our documentation of "Dave Bikes International", where we will share the adventures of our cycling club in the western hemisphere. Our upcoming posts will feature scenic shots that showcase the serene beauty of Victoria. To kick things off, here are some stills of #Amanda, our co-founder's #Flaanimal5 in action in the island!


 If you're interested in owning a Rodeo Labs bike, they are available for purchase at our store. Visit our social media pages and send us a message.

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