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Planet X Kaffenback

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The Kaffenback is a true Planet X classic. Elegant and timeless, it's narrow tubing is built using custom drawn chromoly steel giving the Kaffenback a unique, smooth and springy ride feel. This is complemented by its reassuringly strong fatigue-resistant qualities, meaning the Kaffenback is a bike that will see you through decades of riding not years!

Featuring the core geometry of a touring road bike, combined with that of a gravel voyager the Kaffenback provides you with increased confidence whether using for city riding, on gravel trails or fully loaded for adventure. On the tarmac, its road bike soul will feel spritely and responsive and the Selcof Carbon fork will help reduce road vibrations and keeps your hands fresh all day long, smoothing rough terrain and allowing for longer and less fatigued rides. Its multifaceted nature makes it ideal for many disciplines, feeling as at home in the city as it would touring the Dolomites.