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[Rental] Post Carry Transfer Case 135L

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Rental Option

Transfer Case Rental

  1. Max 5 days Php 7500 (Php2500 + Php 5000 refundable deposit)
  2. Max 10 days Php 10000 (php5000 + Php5000 refundable deposit)
  3. Max 21 days Php13000 (php8000 + Php5000 refundable deposit)

Deposit will be refunded after inspection for damages upon return. Any repairs needed shall be deducted from the deposit. Full amount shall be charged for loss of Transfer Cases.

Buy option is available during the rental period, rental fee shall be deductible from total price of the Transfer Case.

Booking shall be made 7 days in a advance

Optional packing fee is also available.


In regards to cable routing, as long as the bike's cables and housing do not prevent the fork from being removed, it will fit inside the Transfer Case. Frames with fully integrated cables or housing are not compatible inside the Transfer Case.


Fully compatible in the Transfer Case.


If cables or hoses are partially inside the handlebar, frame, or fork (but not going through the headset), that's ok. Your bike is compatible with the Transfer Case.


If cables or hoses go inside the stem or through the headset/headtube from the top, as pictured above, your bike is NOT compatible with the Transfer Case.



The Transfer Case was not intended for frames that feature an extended seat tube which acts as a seatpost. However, some frames with this type of seat tube are short enough and will fit in the Transfer Case. Please email us with your frame information and seat tube length measurements and we can see if your ISP frame will fit!