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Rodeo Labs

Rodeo Labs Spork 3.0

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Rodeo Spork has always been designed around three main objectives. Durability, Adaptability, and Utility.

Spork 1.0 was a pioneer in the adventure fork segment and established Rodeo Labs as a trusted brand in the adventure cycling world. 1.0 evolved over time into 1.2 as features were added to the fork by popular demand. Spork 1.2 is an enduring design that remains on the market today.

Spork 2.0 took everything we learned from making 1.2 but added capabilities that required a ground-up redesign. The fork was incredibly successful both on bikes that Rodeo Labs offers and as a part of bikes offered by other builders and brands.

Spork 3.0‘s main objective was to slim down the design of Spork 2.0 so that the silhouette and profiles would work better visually with the thinner diameter tubing of steel, aluminum, and titanium bicycles. At first we intended to modify Spork 2.0 tooling into a Spork 2.5 design but ultimately we was decided to redesign the fork and tooling from scratch around an entirely new 3.0 design. This all new fork is slimmer, lighter, and boasts even more tire clearance while retaining the same core functions and geometries as previous generations of Spork.